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In this section you will find essential information on common types of injuries sustained in road accidents.

Thousands of accidents occur on our roads every year as the result of careless or reckless drivers. Many drivers are either not aware, or have simply just forgotten the basic skills needed to drive safely on our roads. Others seem to think that they are such great drivers that they don't need to follow the advice of road signs or the rules set out in the Highway Code.

The information in this section is intended for anyone who may have sustained an injury in a road accident and who may be considering making an injury compensation claim against the at-fault driver.

The information is intended as a general guide to symptoms and treatments of common road accident injuries, and anyone who is considering making an injury compensation claim should seek advice from a medical professional in order to ensure correct treatment for their condition.

If you would like to make an injury claim please click here for more information.

We can help provide repairs and a comparable replacement hire-car. If you have had an accident that was not your fault, we can provide these services for you absolutely free because we claim all our costs back directly from the at-fault party's insurance company.

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