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At Accident Repair Finder we are happy to provide basic DIY car repair advice to the enthusiastic or cost conscious amateur. In many cases an experienced car DIY enthusiast can make excellent quality repairs to their vehicles armed only with off the shelf materials and plenty of time and dedication!

However achieving a truly professional finish to a vehicle can only really be achieved by a top quality body shop or accident repair centre. This is particularly true when dealing with paintwork repairs.

A quality body shop will have technicians who specialise in the preparation of the bodywork, precise colour matching and application of paint and lacquer coats to provide a 'showroom' quality finish.

After finding a precise colour match, many ultra thin layers of paint will applied and dried, often using large car sized 'low-bake' ovens to ensure that each coat is dried thoroughly before the next one is applied. This produces the same durable high-quality finish you would expect from any modern production vehicle.

The final stage would be to spray one or two lacquer coats over all the newly painted areas to not only enhance the shine of the paintwork, but also to provide protection from minor stone chips and reduce colour fade from exposure to the sun.

At Accident Repair Finder we only approve body shops and repair centres that meet our strict standards in terms of both quality, and customer service.

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault, we can not only help you find a crash repair centre that's convenient to you, but we can also help you get your car repaired for free, and also arrange for a free replacement hire-car.

For more information and advice on our services, please ring 0845 6768898 or complete our online claim form.
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