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Repairing a scraped or scuffed plastic bumper

Light scrapes or scuffs on plastic panels can be repaired fairly easily by someone with a little DIY skill. Just follow the instructions below and ensure you have a properly matched can of aerosol paint. To find the correct colour there will be a colour code on the 'VIN' plate, this is usually a small aluminium plate fixed somewhere in the engine bay.

First clean the bumper with a very mild solution of washing up liquid and water to remove any road deposits. Rinse off with clean water and allow to dry thoroughly. With a piece of fine sandpaper, sand the area gently until smooth, wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

Mask around the repair area with masking tape and old newspaper to protect the undamaged areas, but allow an extra 5 or 6 centimetres around the damaged area itself.

Shake the aerosol paint can vigorously, and holding the can about 30cm from the panel, spray a very light coat of the paint over the area using one slow left to right, and right to left sweep.

If this is not enough, wait for the paint to dry thoroughly and re-mask the area by shifting the mask 5 or 6 cm outwards from its original position - this will help avoid 'an edge' to the painted area. Repeat the painting process, allow to dry thoroughly and remove the masking.

Rub in a light abrasive polish (any good car accessories store will have this) around the edges of the sprayed area until the paint surface is smooth and blends in with the rest of the panel.

Please bear in mind that unless you are extremely confident in performing this repair, any mistakes will prove costly to put right! and you should always seek the advice of a repair centre.

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