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Finding good car accident repairs or car body repairs can be a tricky business if you have not had to find them before. Many people may be tempted to just call their local garage which is fine, but they are probably more used to dealing with routine car maintenance issues rather than professional bodywork repairs on a daily basis.

Why use a car accident repair or car body repair specialist?

A car accident repair centre or body repairer will have specialist technicians and equipment to repair all kinds of vehicle damage. Repairs can range from a minor stone chip to major bodywork repairs and re-sprays all carried out to a very high standard. These skills would have evolved from years of experience working on vehicle repairs of all types and so you can feel confident that all your repairs will be completed to your satisfaction.

How Accident Repair Finder can help

Unlike some search directories or search indexes, the Accident Repair Finder database ONLY includes repair centres that we approve ourselves. What's more, because we offer a complete accident repair service to non-fault drivers, we use the repairers we approve ourselves when organising cost-free repairs and replacement car hire for our customers. This means that if we are not happy with service they provide we can re-consider their entry in our database.

How we can help with your non-fault accident claim

As well as providing a database of quality car accident repairers and body shops, we can also manage all aspects of your claim for you. One of the key advantages of this service is the fact that you do NOT have to go through your own insurer, and so you will not lose any no-claims discount you have accumulated, or have to pay any excess you have on your insurance policy.

Because we are independent of your insurer, it also means that we can either arrange for your repairs to be carried out at a quality approved repair centre near you OR at a repair centre of your choice. Additionally we will also arrange a quality comparable replacement vehicle for you, for use while your vehicle is off the road.

Remember WE claim for all of these expenses from the at-fault drivers insurance company on your behalf and so you don't have to pay a penny!

In summary, here is a list of the services we can arrange for you:-

  • Your no claims discount stays protected as no claim is made on your policy

  • We claim on ALL COSTS on your behalf directly from the responsible drivers insurance company

  • We look after all aspects of the claim for you and give you regular progress updates

  • We arrange repairs to your vehicle and you will get a complimentary car valet

  • You DO NOT have to pay any excess for the repairs

  • We can recover any loss of earnings & recovery any other incurred costs

  • If your vehicle is a write-off or is simply not safe to drive, we can arrange a replacement vehicle until the settlement cheque has been received

If you have had a non-fault accident please ring 0845 676889 for more information or complete our online claim form.
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