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Removing dents using a dent puller

A conventional small suction based dent puller is a device that has a strong suction cup that allows the user to get a firm grip on a dented body panel, and literally pull it back out.

They can of different sizes, and are often used when it may be difficult to access the panel from behind and push or hammer it back out.

Firstly, wash the area with detergent to make sure that you remove any grease or dirt from the panel.

Push the dent puller firmly into the centre of the dent to create a good suction with the surface of the panel.

As you push the dent puller against the panel, squeeze the handles together to lock the dent puller in place, and pull firmly.

If the dent does not come out straight away or the puller comes off, you may have to try different positions until you get a good lock. You may also need to move from the outside of the dent inwards, one section at a time, until the panel is fully pulled out.

If you are very lucky with a large single dent the panel may go straight back into position. Usually you will be left with a much smaller dent, which you will then have to fill and sand in order to complete your repair.

Please bear in mind that unless you are extremely confident in performing this repair, any mistakes will prove costly to put right! and you should always seek the advice of a repair centre.

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