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Your motorcycle crash helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment you have. Never be tempted to 'skimp' on the cost of your helmet because it is the one piece of motorbike gear that may save your life.

Most crash helmet manufacturers are supposed to produce helmets that fit 'the average shaped head'. When trying on a new helmet remember that it should always be a 'snug' fit, and should move as you move, with no signs of looseness. Some crash helmet manufacturers offer different 'shell' sizes, so ensure that you try them all to find out which one best fits you.

If you can, go to a retailer who has been recommended to you. The advice of an experienced sales advisor is invaluable. Ideally they will be keen motorcyclists themselves and will appreciate the importance of buying a properly fitting helmet. Remember that an expensive helmet that doesn't fit properly will give you less protection than a cheaper one that does.

Look after your crash helmet! Dents or cracks to the body shell can significantly reduce the level of protection it provides, if in doubt, get it checked out by a reputable dealer.

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