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Motorbike accidents when overtaking

Overtaking on a motorbike should always be undertaken with great care. Many accidents occur mainly because the vehicle being overtaken is unaware of their presence.

Before you move

Signal early, make sure every vehicle near you knows what you are about to do. Pause when you get near to the right hand edge of your lane so that the driver of the vehicle you are about to overtake notices your signal in their wing mirror.

When you overtake

Do the manoeuvre smoothly and keep your distance from the vehicle you are overtaking. Be constantly aware of the vehicles around you, and always be prepared to take evasive action if someone does something stupid.

When not to overtake

There are many situations where you should avoid overtaking on a motorbike. Here are some examples:-
  • Bends

  • Junctions

  • More than one vehicle ahead of you

  • Pedestrian crossings

  • Hills or dips in the road

  • Where there are double white lines or other signs prohibiting overtaking

In any of these situations there could be traffic coming the other way that you have not seen, or in the case of overtaking 2 or more vehicles at once - you may not make it in time.

With any overtaking manoeuvre you have to make sure that you have plenty of space to pull back in. Your intended gap may shrink rapidly or even disappear if you do not do so.

If you are filtering past stationary or slow moving traffic, do it with care. Many drivers will not notice you are there and may move across in front of you

If you are riding with a group, always think for yourself. Don't take risks just to keep up with the others or make rash decisions, it's not worth it.

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