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Top tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents

Sadly motorbike or motorcycle riders are always more vulnerable to serious accidents and injury on our roads. Even a relatively minor accident for a car driver can result in major damage to a motorbike and serious injuries to the rider.

Unlike car drivers, the motorcyclists general safety is a lot more reliant on their road skills than any safety features they may on their bikes, or the protective equipment they may be wearing.

The rider has to not only be acutely aware of their road positioning, but also try to avoid putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations. One of the advantages of two wheeled transport is its ability to slip between traffic and accelerate away from hazards more quickly than your average car. This is great, but it can also lead to its own set of problems and risks.

Things you should be wary of when riding a motorbike or motorcycle

It almost goes without saying, but if you do have a 'spill' on your bike YOU MUST ensure that you are wearing a suitable crash helmet and protective clothing as well as extra hi-visibility items like a waistcoat or reflective shoulder belt.

Your bike itself needs to be up to scratch. In other words your tyres, brakes, lights, transmission etc. must all be in good condition and working properly.

Before setting off on any motorbike journey, you should consider the following points to help you stay safe on the road:-
  • Be aware of what's around you at all times

  • Adjust your speed to suit the traffic flow, the type of road and the weather conditions

  • Plan ahead when approaching junctions and side roads. Try to anticipate the actions of other vehicles before they make them and think about what evasive actions you can take should that car get in your way

  • Be very cautious when passing vehicles in traffic queues. Drivers in traffic queues can often be frustrated and impatient, this means they may only be looking for 'large' vehicles before quickly changing lanes

  • Make sure you have plenty of space to get passed any moving vehicles. You should only really consider passing when there is enough space for a car

  • Take time to place yourself where the vehicle in front can see you in their mirrors, before you consider moving past. Always indicate EARLY

  • Don't rely on your ability to accelerate rapidly to get you through a manoeuvre. Give yourself plenty of time to complete it

  • Never take blind bends at speed or any bend for that matter when the road conditions are poor

  • Look ahead for changes in the road surface and adjust your speed and direction accordingly

  • Never overtake near road junctions

Motorbike accident repair claims

We not only manage your claim for you, but we can arrange for repairs to your motorbike and free replacement motorcycle or car- hire. If you have had an accident that was not your fault, we can provide these services for you absolutely free because we claim all our costs back directly from the at-fault party's insurance company.

For more information please ring 0845 6768898 or complete our online claim form.
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