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Defensive riding techniques

Defensive riding techniques involve the rider learning how to anticipate the behaviour, and sometimes mistakes of other road users. The motorbike rider needs to be prepared to take evasive action in situations where the drivers of other vehicles may not have noticed their presence.

The tips shown below should help all motorbike riders to ensure that they don't take unnecessary risks on the road and make it as easy as possible for other road users to be aware of your presence.

At road junctions

Extra care needs to be taken at road junctions and when passing side roads. 1 in 5 motorbike accidents involve other vehicles not seeing a fast moving motorbike, and driving straight into their path.

  • Think ahead when approaching junctions

  • Check for vehicles waiting to enter a main road, or cross into a side road - be prepared to stop or take evasive action

  • Look out for vehicles emerging from driveways

  • Anticipate the presence of concealed entrances or exits

  • Make yourself as visible as possible to other drivers, and do not ride too close to the vehicle in front

  • Choose your speed carefully as you approach junctions, if you are moving too quickly an emerging vehicle may not have time to see you coming


Many accidents occur as a result of motorbikes not being seen when they are overtaking. Even more accidents involve dodging in and out of slow moving traffic.

  • Always be as visible as possible to other drivers

  • Be prepared for the possibility that you may not have been seen by the other driver

  • Avoid overtaking near side roads or take extra care when doing so

  • Watch out for oncoming vehicles which may suddenly turn across your path


1 in 4 of motorcycle accidents occur on bends, often because the rider drifts into the wrong lane because they have taken a bend too quickly.

  • Make sure your speed is slow enough to get round the bend without having to stray out of your lane or lose control, especially in wet or icy conditions

  • Look ahead and never take risks on blind bends where you don't know what may be around the corner

Motorbike accident repair claims

We not only manage your claim for you, but we can arrange for repairs to your motorbike and free bike or car-hire. If you have had an accident that was not your fault, we can provide these services for you absolutely free because we claim all our costs back directly from the at-fault party's insurance company.

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