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Dealing with hazards when cornering on your motorbike

Any experienced motorbike rider will always take extra care when entering a corner on the road. But what if you are taking a corner you have taken a thousand times and you spot some oil or a small object in the road that you know is going to be a problem, unless you avoid it. This is a situation that could potentially make you lose control and have an accident.

Staying in control

If you spot something ahead that looks slippery like oil, ice or mud, you don't really want to be going over it at too much of a lean angle. In order to avoid the hazard you will have to act quickly and increase your lean into the corner to avoid it on the inside or (and only if you stay in your lane) straighten up slightly to avoid it on the outside.

If you cannot avoid it completely and have to have to go over the suspect patch, try to do the following:-
  • Do any breaking you have to do before you get to it

  • Get your motorbike as vertical as you can

You must avoid using your breaks because this could easily lead to a skid or wobble. Once you have made it across the patch you can then lean back into the corner now that you will have some grip, to avoid drifting out of your lane.

Try and keep calm at all times during this manoeuvre, and above all - only brake if have a grippy surface under your bike.

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