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Motorbike accidents due to loss of control

Loss of control of your motorbike can occur for a variety of reasons, but two of the key ones involve hitting or being knocked by another vehicle and poor road surface conditions.

Hitting or being knocked by other vehicles

Unfortunately as a motorbike rider you soon get used to the fact that some road users just have no idea how to use their mirrors or check their blind spots! Adopting basic defensive riding techniques is something most riders have to do just to survive on today's busy roads. Here are a few things you can do to stay clear of other vehicles.

  • Keep plenty of space around your motorbike

  • Be aware that most vehicles have 'blind spots' so be wary when passing them

  • Remember that vans and lorries rely on their wing mirrors to see what's behind them, so if you can't see their mirrors - they can't see you

  • Keep plenty of distance between you and the vehicles in front and behind you

  • Make sure you can stop in the space you have in front of you

Road surface conditions

The condition of the road surface is of particular concern for anyone riding a 2 wheeled vehicle. Unlike cars, a motorbike or scooter can suffer from stability and control problems even from minor road defects or changes in the quality of the road surface due to water, ice or mud.

Just one small pothole or a wet manhole cover can cause problems if a motorbike rider goes over it at speed. Keeping a look out for potential problems on the road ahead of you can help you steer clear of them and avoid trouble.

Look out for entrances to fields, farm tracks or building sites where there may be mud, rubble or other debris spilt on the road. Check road signs warning of site entrances or changes in the condition of the road surface.

Other things to look out for:-
  • Patches of ice, snow, frost or excess water caused by bad weather conditions

  • Potholes or areas of repaired road surface

  • Manhole covers, drain covers, grates and other metal objects in the road

  • Painted road markings

  • Any spilt liquid or solid materials
Remember to always keep your tyres in good condition. As the tread wears it will gradually start to affect many aspects of your motorbikes handling including grip, stopping distance and the tyres ability to displace water. Also check your tyre pressures regularly and ensure that they are correct for your model of motorbike.

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