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Good quality motorbike clothing is essential for every rider. In the event of an accident it is the only protection you have, and so spending your hard earned cash on high-quality riding clothes can help reduce your chances of injury.

Clothing made specifically for motorcyclists is designed to fit comfortably while sitting in a riding position. They are deliberately cut longer in the sleeves and legs and are fuller across the shoulders. Flaps and zips seal out the wind and there is extra padding to help protect you in case of motorbike accident. Leather is usually the material of choice, not for its looks but for its resistance to abrasion if you come off your bike at high speed.

If the clothing itself does not have any inherent reflective or high visibility features, then you should seriously consider buying a reflective shoulder strap or vest to wear over your clothes. They are fairly cheap, and could make the difference between a motorbike accident and just a near miss.

Leather boots protect the rider from various riding hazards. They can provide protection from stones that fly up from the road and burns from hot exhaust pipes. If you are involved in a motorbike accident they can provide good protection against foot and ankle injuries.

Well fitting gloves will help with your grip on the handlebars, and also protect your hands if you come off.
Riding gloves are available various weights and thicknesses. Lightweight gloves are more comfortable in summer, and heavier well-insulated gloves can be bought for additional protection in the winter.

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