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Accidents involving animals

Animals can be an occasional hazard for drivers, particularly in rural areas. Not everyone however knows how to deal with these situations safely, because animals can be very temperamental and sometimes dangerous if approached in the wrong way.

How to deal with animals on the road

  • When driving through rural areas, especially along winding roads, don't drive too fast and be prepared to stop suddenly

  • If confronted by large animals like cows or horses, do not sound your horn as it may frighten them and they may run into your car

  • Take extra care around horses with riders. Always pass them wide and slow. If the horse is startled it could throw the rider off and cause a serious injury

  • Look out for road signs warning of free roaming animals in rural areas

  • If a small animal like a pheasant or dog runs into the road, attempt to stop or swerve around it, but only if it safe to do so. Remember your safety has to come first!

  • Use your high-beams as they cause a reflection in the animal's eyes that you can see

  • Avoid travelling at times of high accident rates - dusk, early morning and times when animals will be moving from summer to winter grazing areas and vice versa.

What to do if you hit an animal on the road

  • If the animal is small, injured and causing an obstruction, you could attempt to move it off the road, but be wary, injured wild animals can sometimes be aggressive

  • If the animal is large, do not attempt to move it. If it's obstructing the road, Put your hazard lights on and warn other drivers

  • For injured pets or small animals, you should call the RSPCA

  • For livestock animals or horses you should contact the police. You may have a case for compensation against the owner of the animal if they prove to be negligent

  • Stay with the animal if you can until further assistance arrives

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