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Car accidents and your blind spot

Many cars will have an area either side them that is both outside your peripheral vision and also not visible in your wing mirrors this known as your cars 'blind spot'.

For this reason failure to be aware of your particular vehicles blind spot and knowing when to check it, can lead to a near miss or even a serious accident.

Where is my cars blind spot?

The biggest blind spot is usually on the right hand side of the car. If you are out on the road you can find it by glancing in your right wing mirror as a car overtakes you. When the car overtakes, you will notice that there will be a delay between the car disappearing from your side mirror, and you becoming aware of it in your peripheral vision.

The length of the delay will depend on the type of car you drive, and the size of the vehicle passing you. Motorbikes or scooters can be a particular concern because they are obviously very small, and may disappear completely for a while in your blind spot when they pass you.

When to check your blind spot

Your blind spot should be checked before moving off from a stationary position, overtaking and any manoeuvre that involves a change in direction. If you are moving to the left, glance over your left shoulder as well as looking in your left mirror. If you are moving to the right, glance over your right shoulder as well as looking in your right mirror. Try to make a point of doing this every time you manoeuvre.

Is there another solution to the problem?

It is possible to buy small inexpensive 'stick on' plastic mirrors that attach to your existing wing mirrors. These mirrors have a fish eye effect, which give a slightly wider angle view than regular mirrors. These may not completely solve the problem so it's still wise to glance over your shoulder as well.

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