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The role of the police at the scene of an accident

Whether or not the police get involved at the scene of an accident will depend on the circumstances. Usually if there are no injuries involved, no suspicion that a traffic offence has been committed and there has been no damage to any signage or property then they do not have to be involved.

More specifically, circumstances where the police may have to be involved and make a full report, may include the following:-
  • If individuals have been injured or there is fatality

  • If the accident is causing a hazard to other road users

  • If a driver has clearly lost control of their vehicle

  • If a driver fails to stop

  • If there is damage to roadside signage or crash barriers

  • If a vehicle defect has clearly caused the accident

  • If there is reason to suspect that a road traffic offence has been committed

At the scene of the accident

The police have a number of responsibilities at the scene of a road accident. These include:-
  • Ensuring the safety of the individuals concerned and other road users

  • To liaise with the other emergency services at the scene

  • To investigate the circumstances and establish the cause of the accident

  • To take notes, contact details and witness statements from those involved

  • To check the that the drivers have the correct driving documents

  • To ensure that the scene is cleared safely of any debris

  • To ensure that the traffic flow is safely controlled during and restored after the accident

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