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How to avoid accidents with motorbikes

We all become accustomed to driving amongst large vehicles like cars and lorries fairly quickly once we start driving.

Our peripheral vision is pretty good at picking up large objects when making road manoeuvres and it soon becomes second nature. Small two wheeled vehicles such as motorbikes, motorcycles, scooters or cyclists can sometimes be difficult to spot unless you make a conscious effort to look out for them.

A quick glance may not be enough to spot these small and sometimes fast moving vehicles, so all considerate drivers should always make a point of looking out for them particularly when driving in busy towns and cities.

A good driver should of course always be aware of the traffic around them, but there are many situations when extra care should be taken to avoid accidents with small vehicles such as motorbikes when driving.

Situations to watch out for

  • Overtaking on open roads. Always check your mirrors several times before you move out, and particularly your 'blind spot' just before you manoeuvre. If a motorbike has not spotted your indicators (or you did not indicate early enough), a motorbike could approach very quickly from behind if you are not careful

  • Overtaking on busy roads or in traffic queues. One of the advantages of a motorbike is its ability to slip between queues of traffic. If you are sitting in a queue it is often tempting to quickly change lanes with little more than a glance behind. This is dangerous, you should always take your time, indicate early, check your mirrors and your blind spot first

  • Emerging from junctions. Always double check traffic in both directions when emerging from a junction, side road or out of a driveway

  • Turning across traffic into a side road. Don't just check the oncoming traffic when turning into a side road. Always indicate early and check your mirrors and blind spot too

  • At roundabouts. Always make absolutely sure that the way is clear when moving onto, or changing lanes on a busy roundabout. Motorbikes or cyclists can easily be obscured by larger vehicles momentarily

  • Busy town or city traffic. Many people have opted for motorbikes, scooters or bicycles in towns and cities as it is often a more efficient (or healthier) way to get around. Be mindful that they could try and slip passed you on either side of your vehicle. Awareness of the traffic around you in a busy town or city environment is particularly important if you want to avoid accidents with both powered or un-powered bikes

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