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Can I get CCTV images to help with my claim?

The use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras is widespread throughout the UK. Many people disagree with this proliferation of monitoring systems and believe that it infringes on our privacy and is leading to a 'Big Brother' security culture.

Despite this there are many instances where the use of CCTV has helped catch criminals and some may argue, reduced the likelihood of offences occurring. Whatever your point of view they seem to be here to stay and these cameras can sometimes be helpful to the innocent motorist when trying to establish liability for a road traffic accident.

CCTV and your rights

The Data Protection Act was created to protect your rights regarding the personal information that may be stored in database systems about any private individual. This gives an individual the right to request a copy of that information in order to verify its accuracy.

Until quite recently the coverage of the act with regard to CCTV images was rather a 'grey area' and not particularly clear. However in 2008 the act was amended to also include images of private individuals captured by CCTV security cameras. In essence if you believe you were captured on camera you will have the right to personally request that you can both view and have a copy of these images if they are available.

How can I get a copy of images that may help with my claim?

If you feel that a nearby CCTV camera may have caught some images that could help with your accident claim, you can make a request to have a copy of it. You should contact the operator of the system and they should be able to help you. It's quite likely that they will charge you for the work involved in finding and copying the images, but this would be a small price to pay if can help prove your case. If your case is successful then you could possibly recover this cost as part of your overall claim.

If you believe CCTV images may be helpful to your claim then you should discuss it with your insurer, claims advisor or solicitor before you approach the operator and they will be able to advise you on whether it will be worth obtaining a copy.

If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault we can arrange for your car to be repaired at one of our approved repair centres, and provide you with a quality comparable replacement hire car, all at the expense of the person at-faults insurer.

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