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Night time driving accidents and how to avoid them

Driving during the daytime and driving at night are significantly different. Your field of vision is much smaller, and any minor deficiencies in your eyesight may be exaggerated at night, especially for older drivers. Also new drivers may have very little experience of nighttime driving, particularly on unlit stretches of road and on motorways.

A lot of accidents occur in the evenings. Often because drivers are tired after a long day at work, and are impatient to get home, or go out for the evening. Statistics show that the highest evening accident rates lie in the male 17 - 20 year old age group. There is some evidence to suggest that new male drivers are much more likely to take risks, and often drive their cars as means of 'showing off' to others. This is clearly dangerous, and wiser drivers should be alert to such behavior particularly at weekends.

Drink or drugs related accidents are also more likely to occur at night. Be wary of anyone driving erratically or recklessly, and always keep your distance from them if at all possible.

Safety tips for night driving

  • Check that all your lights are working, that your windscreen is clean and you have plenty of screen wash

  • Ensure that you get your eyes checked at least once a year and wear your glasses if you need them to drive

  • Put your lights on before it gets dark. Remember your lights are not just to help you see, they also help others see you

  • Allow your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the dark before setting off

  • Never drive with the interior light on, your eyes will be adjusted to the bright light inside and not to the darkness outside

  • If you need to look at an oncoming vehicle, try to look between their headlights or at the road just in front of them

  • Avoid driving when tired - many car accidents are caused by over tired drivers making careless mistakes. If you start feeling tired, take a break and have a cup of tea or coffee before continuing

  • Be alert, do not use excessive speed or drive too close to the car in front

  • When manoeuvring, make sure your mirror is in the 'anti-glare' position and always signal well in advance

  • Do not drink any alchohol before driving your car, it's not worth the risk

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