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Car accidents caused by illness when driving

Road accidents are generally caused by some kind of driver error or unusual road or weather conditions. Occasionally a driver may experience a sudden unforeseen health problem which causes them to lose control of their vehicle. All drivers should of course avoid getting behind the wheel of a vehicle if they feel so unwell that it is likely to affect their ability to drive safely. However, sometimes a health condition can strike very quickly and without warning.

Illnesses or health problems that can strike suddenly can include heart attacks, strokes or epileptic fits. A heart attack can cause severe chest pain and in extreme cases total loss of consciousness or even death. A stroke or epileptic fit can cause a sudden loss of both mental and physical control. Any of these conditions can cause a driver to completely lose control of their vehicle, or at best give them seconds in which to get themselves safely off the road and avoid a road accident.

About your insurance

If you suddenly become unwell whilst driving and cause an accident you will have to accept liability. This means that the other drivers involved will be able to claim from your insurance company for repairs and compensation for injuries. If however you have a medical condition which you have not declared on your insurance application documents then the insurance company may refuse payment.

If you have declared your medical condition the insurance company may still have restrictions on the amount of compensation they pay out as a result of your accident. You should always discuss the level of cover you have with your insurer in the event of an accident, otherwise you could find yourself substantially out of pocket.

Getting more help

If you are in any way unsure of your legal position whether you are the cause, or the victim of an accident as a result of illness, you should either contact your solicitor or your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice. They will be able to advise you on your legal rights and the best way forward with regard to your situation.

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