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What do accident claims companies do?

Accident Claims or Accident Management companies offer a useful alternative to anyone involved in an accident that was not their fault. Because they provide claim services independently of your regular insurer, your no-claims discount can often remain intact, and yet you may still be able get your vehicle repaired or make a personal injury claim without incurring any personal costs yourself. Your own insurer may be able to offer these services to you as well, so it's a question of checking your options and choosing the service that best suits your own personal situation.

What can they help me claim for?

This will depend on the company you choose, but some of services available to you may include the following:-

Replacement hire-vehicles

Because the hire vehicle is organised independently of your insurer, you may be able to get a vehicle that is very similar to your own. This is known as a 'comparable' vehicle because it can tailored to your needs, as opposed to being just what is available at the time.

Damage or accident repairs

These can be organised for you at any repairer you choose. The choice of repairer may be restricted by some insurers, which means that they may not necessarily be located in a convenient local location. Many people like to use the same garage for maintenance or repairs because they are familiar with the staff and quality of service they provide, so this may be more suitable for you.

Legal advice and personal injury claims

Many Accident Claim or Accident Management companies offer legal services if you feel that you would like financial compensation for an injury sustained in your accident. When choosing any legal services supplier make sure that they can offer a service that ensures that you don't have any hidden fees or charges as a result of your injury claim. Some providers may deduct administration or other fees from your compensation award.

If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault we can arrange for your car to be repaired at one of our approved repair centres, and provide you with a quality comparable replacement hire car.

Accident Repair Finder do not deal with personal injury claims. If you require further information on personal injury issues please click here for more information.

Please give us a call us on 0845 6768898 or start your claim enquiry using our online claim form.

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