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How to change your car oil

Changing your cars oil can be a messy business, you will also need some technical mechanical skill, a particular set of tools and replacement parts, so if you are not confident, it will probably be better to leave it to a professional.

The parts you will need are:
  • The correct type of oil for your car (check your cars manual, or workshop manual)

  • The correct type of oil filter for your car (again, check your cars manual, or workshop manual)

  • A large container shallow enough to slide under the car when on ramps (might be an idea to check that your engines oil capacity is smaller than the capacity of your container here!)

  • Oil filter wrench suitable for your filter

  • Socket wrench

  • 2 car ramps and lots of rags!

  • Gloves and safety glasses

Park your car on a level surface and put it up on the ramps with the handbrake firmly ON and make sure it is secure. You will need good clear access to the underside of your engine. Leave the car for at least a couple of hours to ensure that the engine oil has cooled down.

Locate the oil drain plug underneath your car and place your container underneath it. Put your gloves and safety glasses and using your wrench undo the oil drain plug - BEWARE! THE OIL WILL POUR OUT QUICKLY! Let all of the oil drain from the car and replace the drain plug securely.

Check your cars manual and locate the oil filter. Using the filter wrench remove the old oil filter and before replacing the new one, wipe a little oil on the filter gasket with your finger. Screw the new filter into place.

Open your oil filler cap and add about 3/4 of the oil you need for the engine and put the filler cap back on. You don't want to put the full amount in at this stage in case there is residual oil in the engine.

Start the engine and get the car down from the ramps. When the engine has cooled down again, check your oil levels with the dipstick and top up if required. Dispose of the engine oil responsibly at your local recycling depot.

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