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Accidents and your eyesight

Taking good care of your eyes is should be important for anyone. Once you have passed your driving test it becomes even more important to get your eyesight checked at least every couple of years. Older drivers in particular need to remember that most peoplesí eyesight will degrade to a certain extent over time, if left un-checked this could eventually affect your ability to drive safely and possibly increase your chances of having an accident.

Those of us who have needed glasses for some time get used to getting them checked regularly, but if your vision has been good for most of your life it is easy to become complacent and assume that it will always stay that way - it may not.

Your eyesight and safe driving

When you take your driving test you will be given a simple eyesight test by the examiner to check that your vision meets the basic standard required to drive by law. The basic test involves being able to read a number plate comfortably at a distance of 20.5 metres. If you are unable to read it, you will be asked to read a second number plate, and if you fail this, you will be given a third chance, if you fail a third time you will fail the test and not be allowed to proceed further.

This is not necessarily a major problem as it may just mean that you will need to get your vision checked by an optician, and be prescribed some suitable glasses to correct the problem.

If you develop an eyesight problem after you pass your test

If you think you have an eyesight problem sometime after passing your test, it is your responsibility to seek professional advice and rectify the situation. If you need glasses in order to see properly after that, you are required by law to wear them when you are driving. If you cause an accident and it is discovered that you have a vision problem or you were not wearing your corrective glasses, you may be liable to prosecution.

If you are prosecuted for driving with defective vision you could receive a fine of £1000, 3 penalty points and even disqualification from driving.

So don't take any chances, and get your eyes checked regularly!

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