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Cornering technique

Cornering technique is probably something you were taught by your driving instructor , maybe you remember some of it, maybe none of it! Poor cornering has caused many accidents and injuries on our roads.

Here at Accident Repair Finder we have handled many accident repair claims as a result of people not following the basic rules. If you need reminding, this section deals with techniques involved in taking corners safely.

The basics

Any corner should be taken with care, as it may not be immediately obvious how sharp it could be or if there is an obstruction in the road.

Take notice of any road signs before the bend, if they indicate a sharp bend, adjust your speed accordingly.

If you approach a corner too quickly and misjudge how sharp it is, you could find yourself drifting into the wrong lane. This could result in a serious accident as the combined speeds in a head-on collision can be high.

As you approach the bend first check what you can see ahead of you, and slow down to an appropriate speed. When you enter the bend and reach it's apex, you should be able to see whether the road is clear. Accelerate gently but firmly as you leave the bend.

Poor or over confident cornering leads to many accidents on our roads. If you observe these basic rules and be wary of others that don't - you will be a safer driver!

If you have been the victim of a careless driver, we can help you get a free replacement vehicle and car repairs..

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