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Wet weather driving

Wet weather driving requires a particular set of skills to remain safe on the road. Both tyre traction and visibility can change dramatically from one moment to the next and sensible drivers will adjust their driving style accordingly. The two biggest causes of road accidents in wet weather involve driving too fast and driving too close to the vehicle in front.

Wet weather driving advice

  • Slow down! Stopping distances can be more than tripled on wet roads, don't rely on safety features like ABS to get you out of trouble

  • Keep your distance from the vehicle in front. You will need to double or triple your normal safe driving distance on wet roads

  • Watch out for spray from large vehicles in front or to the side. So again, keep well back

  • Replace old or worn wiper blades. Old or worn blades are much less efficient at removing water, and will not be able to cope in extremely heavy showers

  • Switch on your lights. This will allow other drivers to see you more easily in the rain

  • Stay alert when driving in the wet and look out for any brake lights coming on in front of you

  • Try not to apply your brakes too heavily. If you are driving at a sensible speed and distance from the vehicle in front, this should never be necessary

  • If you see a large puddle ahead of you brake well in advance of it, not as you go through it

  • Be extra careful when driving in the wet at night. The speeds of other vehicles can be more difficult to judge when their lights are refracted by heavy rain

  • Avoid driving through water running across a road, you can never be sure
    exactly how deep it may be

  • Try to safely avoid splashing pedestrians. You would not like someone doing it to you!

  • Avoid going out completely in very bad weather if you can

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