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Drinking and driving

There are many myths and misunderstood facts surrounding the laws on drink driving, and many people still seem to have a 'how much can I get away with' attitude. The simple fact is that alcohol is a drug that will start to impair your driving ability, in whatever quantity it is consumed.

If you are twice the legal alcohol limit, and then drive your car - you are at least 30 times more likely to cause a road accident.

Alcohol is essentially a 'legal' drug that affects your brain function. It will make you feel temporarily happy and often over confident. The more you drink the 'better' you think you feel, unfortunately the reality is even small amounts of alcohol will start to impede your judgment, awareness, vision and co-ordination from the outset.

Driving safely requires all your perceptual and physical skills to be used simultaneously. Any impairment of these faculties will reduce a persons’ ability to judge, or react to road situations in a safe manner.

Alcohol also affects different people in different ways, depending on factors like metabolism, body size, age and how much food they have eaten etc. So you can never be 'absolutely sure' that you are safe to drive even after one small drink.

Road accidents can destroy lives. Here at Accident Repair Finder we believe there is only one safe level of alcohol consumption for road users, zero.

If want to go out for an evening that will involve having an alcoholic drink, either arrange for a driver who is prepared to stay sober, or go by taxi.

It's not worth the risk.

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