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How to bump start your car

Bump starting or push starting your car can only be done on a manual gearbox. It is a way to get your vehicle moving if you have battery trouble and don't have jump leads, or your starter motor is faulty and won't turn over the engine.

Bear in mind that the vehicle will need to pushed, which can be done with a couple of strong people for a small car, for larger ones you may need a few more!

How to do the bump start

  • Firstly make sure the car is in a place where it can be pushed for some distance without causing a hazard to other road users. If not you should push it to a safer location

  • Get in your car and ask everyone else to get ready to push

  • Switch off all your in-car accessories, radio, CD, sat nav etc.

  • Switch the ignition key to the "on" position. Press and hold the clutch pedal

  • Put the car into second gear and release the hand brake

  • Ask the people pushing the vehicle to start pushing as hard as they can

  • When the car is going at a reasonable speed release the clutch pedal and press the accelerator slightly. If the car does not start immediately depress the clutch, let the speed build up and try again

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