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Motorway driving

Accidents that occur on motorways are more likely to result in serious injury than for any other type of road. For the simple reason that the speeds are obviously much higher, and due to the number of lanes, many other vehicles can be involved.

Many accidents are caused by drivers going too fast for the weather conditions, bad lane discipline and erratic driving. This brief guide describes the basic elements of good lane discipline and how to make an accident repair claim should you become the innocent victim of a careless driver.

The basic rule is to always use the left-hand lane unless you are overtaking. Don't be tempted to just 'sit' in the middle lane like many drivers do, as soon as you have got passed the vehicle or vehicles you are overtaking, move back over to the left.

As you approach a junction, check that you are in the lane you need to be in. If you need to change lanes never leave it to the last minute, indicate early, and move into the correct lane as soon as it is safe to do so.

Allow plenty of time for your manoeuvres, sudden or erratic behaviour leads to accidents. Consider every move carefully and make full use of your mirrors so that your are always aware of the other vehicles around you. Signal well before you start to manoeuvre so the traffic behind you is prepared for your actions.

How to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front

A simple way to ensure that you are 2 seconds behind (the recommended safe distance) the vehicle in front is described below.
  • Pick a fixed reference point on or by the side of the road some way ahead of you eg. a road sign or lamp post

  • When the vehicle in front of you passes this point say to yourself 'one two thousand, two two thousand' (This takes approximately 2 seconds to say)

  • If you pass this point while you are still speaking, this means you are too close, and need to ease off the accelerator

Car accident repairs and car-hire

Accident Repair Finder specialise in offering free help and assistance to motorists and motorcyclists following a non-fault road accident. We can arrange for your vehicle to be repaired at one of our approved accident repair centres, and also provide you with a like-for-like replacement vehicle while your car is off the road.

Because we recover all of our costs from the at-fault drivers insurance company, we can supply all of these services to you for free!

If you have been involved in a road accident that wasn't your fault, just give us a call on 0845 6768898 or start your free claim enquiry using our online claim form.
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