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Car crime

Car crime has changed in recent years. Car thieves are more likely to steal someone's keys, and then take someone's car, rather than break into them. This is because the kind of high value cars targeted by thieves also tend to have very sophisticated alarm systems with immobilisers. It is a lot easier for the thief to break in to a house and steal the keys rather than break into the car itself.


Stealing cars whilst they are out on the road or 'carjacking' as it is sometimes called is also on the increase. The thieves will 'target' a high value car out on the road and stage a fake minor accident in front of the target vehicle as a way of luring the driver out of their car. One of the thieves will then jump in the drivers seat of the vehicle and drive off. The drivers of the 'fake accident' cars will also drive off, leaving the unfortunate driver of the stolen vehicle stranded.

High value prestige cars are often 'stolen to order' and often shipped overseas to be either sold or broken up for spares.

The only real way to avoid becoming a victim of this kind of crime is to just be wary of anyone who tries to encourage you to leave your vehicle for some reason. Also never leave the keys in the ignition if you get out of the car, not even for a moment.

Car cloning

Typically a car would be stolen and then the documents of a vehicle that is of the same colour, make and model are used to produce forged documents. The vehicle would also be given a forged number plate and Vehicle Identification Number so that it is now effectively a copy or clone of the legal vehicle.

Car vandalism

Car vandalism may be the result of a random malicious act or even from a disgruntled neighbour, either way unless you have actually witnessed the damage being done there may be little chance of catching the culprit.

Vandals tend to do damage that they can do quickly, like scratching a car with a key or perhaps breaking off a wing mirror. Unfortunately the motorist has little protection from these kind of acts apart from keeping their car in a secure garage or possibly a car parking area with CCTV.

If you often park in an inner city area it may be worth installing a sensitive alarm system or try to park in a well lit area to deter potential vandals.

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