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About Speed Awareness Courses

What is a Speed Awareness Course?

Speed Awareness Courses were created as part of the National Speed Awareness Scheme. These courses were created to educate those caught speeding and provide an alternative to receiving a fixed penalty fine and points on your driving licence.

The courses are provided by members of the Association of National Driver Improvement Course Providers who ensure that the courses are kept to a high standard.

Do all speeding offenders have this option?

No. You may only be offered the course as an option if:-
  • Your speed was not excessively over the restriction for the road

  • You have not previously been on a Speed Awareness Course within the last 3 years

  • Your speeding offence did not occur within a 20mph zone

  • The local police authority concerned considers it is not appropriate

If you meet the above criteria you may be offered the option of accepting the fine and penalty points or agreeing to attend a Speed Awareness Course. If you accept the course option you may be offered one or several possible dates or locations to attend.

If you do not reply to the offer made to you within a time limit or you fail to attend the course without good reason (eg. illness backed up by a doctors certificate), you will probably receive the fixed penalty notice and points on your licence in the normal way.

Will the course cost me anything?

There will be a fee of between 60 to 100 for the course which you will have to pay yourself. Bearing in mind that you will receive a fixed penalty notice of around 60 anyway and that the points will remain on your licence for 4 years, it makes sense to give this option serious consideration.

How will this course help me?

The courses are usually held in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. You will given the option to contribute to the points raised either as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, although participation is encouraged. They will normally consist of small groups of 10 - 20 individuals, all of which have committed fairly minor offences similar to yours.

Do not be nervous or feel uncomfortable about attending your course. The reason why you have been given this option is because your offence has been considered to be relatively minor, and you now have opportunity learn why you should avoid the situation occurring again. The courses are not intended to be a finger pointing exercise.

Issues that the courses cover can include:-

  • The potential consequences of driving at excessive speeds

  • Increasing your awareness of the different speed restrictions for different types of road

  • Adjusting your speed to suit the road conditions i.e. stopping distances etc.

  • The importance of understanding the correct meaning of road signs and road markings

Attending the course

Be sure to allow plenty of time to get there, because you may not be allowed to enter if you are late, or be given another chance to attend.

Don't forget to bring your driving licence, this includes both the photo card and the paper counterpart licence.

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