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Mature drivers

Many people believe that older drivers, who tend to drive more slowly, are actually a danger on the roads and can even cause accidents. Actually statistics show that this is not the case. It is more likely to be an impatient younger driver who makes a risky overtaking manoeuvre because they simply 'have to' save that extra 20 seconds on their journey time.

Yes it's true that our senses become less sharp as we get older, that does not mean you are unsafe to drive, it just means that you slow down and take things more cautiously.

In the UK, after the age of 70, a driver is required to renew their driving licence every 3 years. They must be able to fulfil the DVLA's eyesight test and also to notify them of any medical problems that may affect their driving ability.

Because our senses tend to deteriorate slowly, it is not always possible for the individual concerned to realise that they may have a problem that could affect their driving. Friends and family with older relatives should always be prepared to offer advice in these situations, so that they will avoid injuring themselves or others in a road accident.

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