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Driving on snow and ice

Fortunately in the UK we don't often have major problems with snow and ice, but it still seems to catch many motorists out when we do. By following this basic advice, it will help you avoid accidents and costly accident repairs to your vehicle.

If you press the accelerator pedal and the car doesn't move straight away, often your instinct is to apply more power to get it moving. If you do this on ice or snow you will either end up going nowhere or even worse, drifting off in some random direction!

In icy or snowy conditions power = problems = accidents, so everything must be done gently and cautiously. Here are some tips to help you get moving, and in the right direction.

  • Pull away gently, aggressive acceleration will reduce traction and send you sliding off somewhere you don't want to be. Always keep your engine speed low to maximise your grip in these conditions

  • Pull away in second gear if you can, this will reduce the torque at the drive wheels and help avoid wheel spins

  • Drive slowly and keep plenty of distance from the car in front. Remember you will not be able to brake suddenly without skidding

  • Brake gently and if your wheels stop gripping then ease off the brakes, and try to steer out of trouble

  • If you have ABS fitted to your car, it can help you avoid a skid, but don't assume that it will solve all your problems on icy roads

  • If the weather looks really bad, just stay at home, it's not worth it
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