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Driving in hot weather

Driving in hot weather can be exhausting, unless you have air conditioning (which lets face it, most of us don't) it can be very tiring and stressful to be stuck in a hot car, especially if you are in a traffic queue.

Car checks for long journeys

Always check your tyre pressures before a long journey. Very hot weather will actually make the pressure in your tyres increase slightly, but don't let any air out of them because they will return to normal when they cool down.

Check the oil levels in your car. Oil not only lubricates your engine but it actually helps to keep it cool.

Check your coolant levels. Coolant is of course especially important in hot weather because if your engine overheats it can do a lot of damage and may even write off your engine. Always keep a large bottle water in your car and if you do get stuck in a traffic queue, keep an eye on your engines temperature gauge.

If your car does start to overheat then find somewhere safe to pull over and let the car cool down for at least half an hour before even thinking about topping up your radiator. The water in your cooling system will get extremely hot and will also be under pressure so never attempt to top it up when the engine is hot. If you are unable to pull over, then opening the windows and turning on the cars heater may help dissipate some of the heat.

Staying alert

Make sure you drink plenty of water and don't become dehydrated, keep a cool bag in the car with bottled water or cold drinks. Allow time in your journey for rest stops and if you start to feel tired open a window and stop for a break when it is safe to do so.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning does not work effectively if you have windows open. But bear in mind that you will use extra fuel when the air conditioning is on, so if you are stuck in a traffic jam keep an eye on your petrol guage and turn it off and open the windows instead if you are low on fuel.

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